Coastal Erosion Management Plan

Following an investigative study into coastal erosion along Nightcliff and East Point, Council developed a Coastal Erosion Management Plan to put preventative measures in place along the Nightcliff Foreshore.

Current Projects

Nightcliff Coastal Erosion Mitigation and Stormwater Works

This next stage of works from Council's Coastal Erosion Management Plan are scheduled to commence in April 2017. 

These works will take place at several sites along the Nightcliff coastline (near the Nightcliff Pool) between Cedar Street and Windsurfers Corner. (see map below for locations.)

These works include:
- Redirection of stormwater outlet pipes to the bottom of the cliffs at three locations.
- Installation of armour rock in four locations along the Nightcliff coastline,

At each stormwater outlet some erosion mitigation works will be done as well as improvements to the stormwater outlets. 

The works will be staggered over 12 weeks and will be completed July (weather permitting).

The locations of the stormwater and coastla erosion mitigation works April - July 2017

During works there will be:
- Some noise disturbance due to rock movement and machinery
- Some dust associated
- Closure of some parks in the carpark north of the pool 
- Traffic Management along the shared paths with some short detours necessary.

Please note that asbestos containing material has been identified as a potential hazard in the area and will be safely managed throughout the works.

In 2016/17 Council allocated $852K to continue delivery of the Coastal Erosion Management Plan. 

Here are photos of one of the sites for the next stage of works. As shown in these photos the shared path is close to the eroded cliff edge. (If you look closely you can also see the old posts where the previous fence was before it had to be moved due to erosion.) These photos also shows one of the stormwater outfalls that will be moved as part of these works.

Completed Projects

Sunset Park Sea Wall

The first major project from the Coastal Erosion Management Plan was along the Sunset Park foreshore in Nightcliff.  A sea wall was constructed  to protect the coastline against the action of tides and waves.

The new 155m long sea wall was built along the perimeter of Sunset Park. This solid concrete wall aims to manage ongoing erosion and limit damage from storm waves overtopping.

People watching for Shore birds from along the top of the seawall, October 2016.

Nightcliff Foreshore Seawall

A rock sea wall has been built along a 130m stretch of the cliffs on the beach along Casuarina Drive between Nightcliff Pool and Windsurfer’s corner.

The seawall does stand out against the natural beauty of the Nightcliff coast and it is unfortunate that the local rock is too soft to be used for these works. The granite rock from the Mount Bundy quarry is selected to construct the walls as it has specific mechanical properties.

As part of these works we have also capped areas with asbestos that was being uncovered in this eroded area.

Nightcliff Sea Wall Coastal Erosion