Community Orchard

The Community Orchard in Jingili Water Gardens is an exciting project which will provide the community with information on the diverse range of fruit trees which can be grown in the Darwin region. As the planted selection of trees grow and the fruit ripens, the orchard will become a source of fruit for the local community.

A community tree planting event and family fun day was held on Saturday 20th April, 2013 and here are some of the pictures

The selection of species includes a variety of fruit trees which are common around Darwin, along with some which are not so well known. Native species as well as exotic species have been sourced. Signage at each tree shows information about the tree species, and a desciption of the fruit it bears. 

This map shows the location of each tree species in the Community Orchard.

For each of the fruit trees to be grown, a factsheet with more information is downloadable below:

The Community Orchard is supported by the Northern Territory Farmers Association (NT Farmers), and the City of Darwin gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Chris Nathaniel of Tropiculture Australia in putting the factsheets together.

Recipe Cards

NT Farmers have created recipe cards for a selection of the fruits grown in the Community Orchard:

The Community Orchard is in Jingili Water Gardens, adjacent to Freshwater Road, with Sanders Street being the nearest cross street.