Policy Review

On this page you will find information about Council Policies under review. All of our policies are reviewed at least once in each four year term of Council. 

August 2015: Review of Arts Policies

This consultation closed on 16 September 2015.

Council recently endorsed the updated Arts and Cultural Development Policy and new Public Art Policy (with Public Art Guidelines) for community consultation. Please use the links below to review the documents. 

Arts and Cultural Development Policy: The City of Darwin recognises the considerable benefits that are gained through a community’s engagement with the arts. Council acknowledges the social and personal benefits for individuals, the economic benefits through cultural and creative businesses and the impact of Darwin’s Indigenous heritage and contemporary inter-cultural artistic practices in promoting the lifestyle image of the city to visitors and residents.

The recently reviewed Arts and Cultural Development Policy sets out Council’s commitment to supporting a culturally vibrant city and outlines key themes for Council’s arts and cultural development program.

Public Art Policy: Council’s new Public Art Policy sets out Council’s strategic direction and defines the administrative framework for public art in the municipality. The new Public Art Policy provides a framework to realise and fully integrate public art across all of Council’s major strategies, arts and cultural development strategies, infrastructure developments, urban renewals and the Darwin City Centre Master Plan.

Public Art Guidelines: Our new Public Art Guidelines provide further information about the different types of public art, our commissioning process, as well as information about project proposals.

Please email haveyoursay@darwin.nt.gov.au with any queries. 

June 2015: Review of Council’s Policy No. 010 - Land Acquisition, Disposal and Lease

This consultation closed in July 2015.

At a recent Council meeting, Council supported the recommendation to split the current policy into two separate policies; the first dealing with land acquisition and disposal and the second dealing with property leases. It was also recommended that the detailed procedures contained within the policy be removed.

The intention of splitting the policy into two separate policies (Long Term Lease Policy and Land Acquisition and Disposal Policy) is to provide clarity by separating land acquisition and disposal from leasing of properties.

Please email darwin@darwin.nt.gov.au with any queries.