Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Team preside over financial management and information services for the City of Darwin.  They manage Human Resources for the city and also oversee:

  • risk management
  • economic development
  • property services
  • tourism
  • internal audit
  • contract management
  • fleet management
  • regulatory services
  • off-street parking.

Income for City of Darwin is generated by rates, Australian Government grants and Northern Territory Government grants and subsidies, service fees and charges and penalties.  City of Darwin is a corporate body.  Formal budgets are prepared every year and the rates are set in July, in accordance with the Local Government Act 2008. 

Program budgets provide information on the services and costs associated with each individual program.  Budget papers are available for public scrutiny in Council’s four libraries, on its website and at the Civic Centre, Harry Chan Ave, Darwin. 

City of Darwin's management planning process involves two layers:

  • A ten-year Strategic Plan
  • A Municipal Plan (incorporating the Annual Business Plan and Budget)

These plans help monitor performance an include review methods to ensure agreed aims are achieved.  City of Darwin plans all comply with the Local Government Act.

The majority of the functions performed by Corporate Services help support the other departments to provide services to the community.