Alderman Garry Lambert

Richardson Ward

Alawa, Brinkin, Leanyer, Lee Point, Lyons, Nakara, Tiwi, Wagaman and Wanguri.

Alderman Garry Lambert

Address:       445 Trower Road Brinkin NT 0810
Mobile:         0401 119 118


  • Corporate and Economic Development Committee
  • Town Planning Committee (Chairman)
  • Anchorage Sister City Community Committee
  • Development Consent Authority (DCA)

Darwin is a great place to live and provides life opportunities not available in many places around the world. If you have recently arrived – welcome. If you are thinking of moving to Darwin – do it!

I was elected to City of Darwin Council in 2000.This is my fourth term. In that time I have taken on a number of responsibilities and functions including Deputy Lord Mayor, Acting Lord Mayor following the passing of Lord Mayor George Brown, and Lord Mayor in 2007 and 2008. I have been on nearly all the Council Committees and performed additional local government roles:

  • Corporate and Economic Development Committee
  • Community Services Committee
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Administrative Review Committee
  • Ambon Sister Cities Community Committee
  • Anchorage Sister City
  • CBD Parking Advisory Committee
  • Town Planning Committee
  • Development Consent Authority (Member and Alternate)
  • NT Settlement Planning Committee
  • Youth Advisory Committee (YAG)
  • Local Government Disciplinary Committee

My wife, (Margaret Lambert - Author and Psychologist) and I came to the NT in 1977 as a newlywed couple, ready to start a new adventure together. Now we have four grown children, each starting their own careers.

We began in the Territory as teachers at a small school then called Djembre on Elsey Station. If you ever saw the 1980’s production “We of the Never Never” then you would have seen some of the great kids my wife and I taught. John Jarret was in the movie and recently reignited his career starring in “Wolf Creek” – a movie loosely based on the Falconio killings in the NT.

I eventually moved on to become a school principal spending much of my time working with Aboriginal people in really remote locations including Oenpelli/Gunbalanya in Arnhem Land. Life in remote NT can be a great and rewarding experience, with great challenges. Just like Charles Darwin suggested – evolution is ever present and I evolved from my early days in education from a teacher, to a Principal and later a Director. After degrees in Education and Business Management I completed legal studies at CDU and was employed by the NT Police as a Director in an information management and privacy role. Here I was responsible for FOI decisions, Screening Authority decisions, Traffic Infringements, privacy, National Police Certificates, Working with Children Cards, Crime Statistics, agency records, Annual Reporting, Internal Audit, national policy and Warrant management, to list a few. I loved that work, but after 12 years it was time for further evolution.

I retired from the Public Service in 2012. Currently I work for a private Company; the Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE). NTGPE is a Regional Training Provider and trains qualified Doctors to become specialist GP’s. It’s a really interesting and rewarding work training Doctors. The company is an excellent work place, with a great team and my role as Executive Manager provides many new and interesting insights.

I became involved in politics when asked in 1977 to assume the role of Secretary to the Mataranka Progress Association (NT). Mataranka then had about 25 Europeans then – but we were progressive! Since that time I have attempted to give something of myself to the community in which I live. In 2008 I stood for the NT Parliament in the seat of Fannie Bay missing out by 40 votes after an 18% swing.

In the mid-eighties my wife and I embarked on a new enterprise to develop 'Milton Springs' a rich farming property, about 1000 acres, near Adelaide River. The property features in the Australian classic novel 'The Unlucky Australians'. It was also the location (in 1989) for the placement of the first national BP Solar diesel/solar hybrid battery storage, inverter power system; an early adopter of sustainable technology.

During this time at the farm my wife and I raised a family, became hay producers and bred cattle (and kids!). This experience with land management led to an interest in Landcare and I found myself Chairman of the Landcare Council (NT) until that body was dissolved by the government in 2009. This role was (and remains) something I am very proud of. The movement has so many dedicated people all working to improved sustainability and the environment. It’s disappointing the Labour Government felt the need to disband the NT Landcare Council. I publicly thank the members of the Landcare Council for their involvement.

In the early '90s I championed the development of local government in the Adelaide River/Batchelor area. From being President of the Progress Association I became the founding President of the Coomalie Council when it was created. This was one of the greatest and most rewarding and interesting experiences I was ever involved in. The other, was my time as Lord Mayor of Darwin.

Outdoor activities head my list of interests I am a semi-retired dirt bike rider, but currently I am Road Racing with TERRA. I enjoy motorcycling generally as well