Parap Pool Redevelopment

Parap Pool Redevelopment

Redevelopment Update March 2017

The Parap Pool Redevelopment is well and truly underway despite last month's rain exceeding the average rainfall by 149mm, totalling 520mm for the month.

Progress of key elements of the project include:
- 25m pool concrete pool walls and base poured
- 50m pool - concrete pool base 50% poured with the final concrete pour of the floor taking place in mid-March.
- shade structure - concrete footings underway
- pool maintenance storeroom underway
- swimming club room underway

The construction project is on schedule and is expected to be completed by December 2017.

Project Budget

The total project construction budget is $15.4 million (GST inclusive). 

The project is being jointly funded by City of Darwin, the Australian Government and the NT Government.

Parap Pool Masterplan

The Parap Pool Masterplan provides the vision for the redevelopment project. This construction program will deliver a 50m pool, a 25m program pool, new office, entry, kiosk/café, user amenities and limited dry and zero depth wet play experience by the project completion date of December 2017.  Major community elements such as wet and dry leisure areas within the Parap Pool Masterplan will be completed as future phases as budget allows. 

The redeveloped Parap Pool will be a facility for recreational and leisure use, catering for all members of the community and swimmers of all abilities. The new facility will be FINA complaint and therefore our city will be on the national map for swimming competitions, training and events.

Artist's Impressions

Proposed Parap Pool design - frontage
Artist's Impression: Proposed Parap Pool design - entry

Proposed Parap Pool design - pool canopy
Artist's Impression: Proposed Parap Pool design - pool canopy & 50m Pool

Parap Pool Artist Impression 25m pool

Artist's Impression: Proposed Parap Pool design - pool canopy & 25m Pool

Parap Pool Masterplan

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Parap Pool Master Plan 2016


Download the design drawings (23MB).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the redevelopment of the Parap Pool take?

The construction program is scheduled for completion by December 2017.  Following commissioning, the facility will be launched at an official opening.

What arrangements has Council made to accommodate clubs, stakeholders and swimmers while Parap Pool is being redeveloped?

In the design process, it was determined due to site constraints that Parap Pool would be required to close during redevelopment.

In an effective collaboration, Council worked with Pool Management and the stakeholders to develop suitable arrangements to relocate users to other Council pools during the redevelopment phase. The stakeholders participated in this process in the spirit of cooperation and friendship.  This process resulted in an effective plan to accommodate all users during the closure.  

3. Will there be space at the other Council pools for training and lap swimming?

To ensure the other Council pools can accommodate the relocation of swim club training and lap swimming, the following measures have been taken:

  • An increase in the regular operational hours, adding 7 hours at Casuarina Pool and 6 hours at Nightcliff Pool each week.
  • Increased lifeguard supervision at peak periods and weekends at Casuarina and Nightcliff Pools.
  • The installation of lane dividers at Casuarina Pool for afternoon squad training.
  • A weekly lane allocations table was established for the Swimming Clubs for the sharing of lane space at Council’s other pools.
  • Pool management will regularly monitor lane space demands to determine if further adjustments to operational hours are required.

Will there be reduced lane space for the general public?

No, the general public lane allocations at Nightcliff and Casuarina Pools will stay the same.

What are the new opening hours for Casuarina and Nightcliff Pools?

The extended weekly opening times at Casuarina Pool and Nightcliff Pool during the Parap Pool re-development are:

  • Weekdays                                     5.30am – 7.30pm
  • Weekends/Public Hols                  8.00am – 7.30pm

Can I book my child’s birthday party at one of Council’s other pools?

Yes, simply contact the Pool Management at either Nightcliff or Casuarina Pool to enquire about holding a function at the pool.

Casuarina Pool, Angelo St Casuarina - 8927 9091

Nightcliff Pool, Casuarina Drive Nightcliff – 8985 1682

Is it going to be too busy in the lap swimming lanes?

At peak times when squads are training lane space will be limited; however, there will be other quieter times.

To assist, pool management will display pool etiquette signage that explains the best way to share a lane.

Will any trees be removed during the re-development?

The new Parap Pool was designed so that the three significant beauty leaf trees identified as important by the community will be retained as a feature of the new community space.

Can I use my Parap swim passes or seasonal card at the other Council pools?

Yes, Council pool passes and seasonal cards can be used at any Council pool.

Will entry fees increase when the new pool is open?

Council reviews fees on an annual basis and there has been no increase in admission fees for Council pools from those set in 2014.  Council fees will next be reviewed for the 2017/18 financial year.

Will there be all-abilities access at the new facility?

The new facility has been designed to be compliant with current Australian Standards for accessibility.  Both the 25m and 50m pools are designed with ramp access and fixtures for hydra-lift chair and hoist equipment.  There will also be new all-access and family change rooms available for the community.

Will there be longer opening hours at the new Parap Pool?

Council will gather community feedback on the new opening hours at Casuarina and Nightcliff Pools and will use this valuable information to inform operating hours for all three facilities in the future.

Will I be able to access the new Parap Pool during swimming events?

The new Parap Pool has been designed to be the location for regional, NT and National swimming competitions in Darwin.  However, for the majority of its use, the pool will function as a community recreation facility.

Any events held will be programmed and advertised well in advance to notify patrons.

Will the new Parap Pool have a café?

The design for the new Parap Pool includes a kiosk and kitchen so that a greater range of food and beverages will be available when at the new facility.

What are the needs for a competition standard facility?

  • Main pool 51.25m long (with a movable bulkhead of 1.25m) so the pool is accurate for competition distances of 25m and 50m. It will be 25.4m wide, with room for 10 lanes at FINA* compliant widths
  • The main pool will have built in technology to accurately time swims 
  • Starting blocks at both ends
  • Depth 2.0m deep at one end and graduate to 1.4m at the other. 
  • Training pool 25m long and 15m wide, heated, and graduating from 1.8m to 1.2m
  • Seating for 600 spectators and ability for a further 1600 temporary seats

Both pools will have an access ramp for universal access and be shaded.

*FINA: Fédération Internationale de Natation, the international body for competition level swimming