Ryland Road Intersection Upgrades

The Ryland Road intersection upgrades are now complete.Ryland Road Black Spot Sign

There were two intersections along Ryland Road that were changed, the intersections of Rossiter Street and Clarke Crescent.

This project was partially funded by the Australian Government as part of the Black Spot Program to improve the intersection’s safety for all users.

What has been done to upgrade these intersections?

Ryland Road/Rossiter Road intersection

A raised road surface platform including:

  • new pedestrian refuge islands
  • kerb alignment and new kerb
  • new line marking

Ryland Road/Clarke Crescent intersection

A roundabout including:

  • a ‘mountable’ roundabout with sloping edges
  • new pedestrian refuge islands
  • new pedestrian paths.

Allosyncarpia ternata tree on Ryland Road