Animals and Pets

alert catPets are a much treasured part of the family in many Darwin homes, however  owning a pet is also a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Council’s role is clearly defined in the Animal Management Plan which is designed to help animal owners understand their responsibilities to ensure their pets are well cared for.

Native animals are often found sick and injured and these should be handed over to experienced carers such as Wildlife Rescue as quickly as possible.

Feral and stray cats and cane toads are pests that have found their way into Darwin. Cat traps can be hired from our Animal Pound. Frogwatch has mounted a high profile education campaign to restrict the impact of the Cane Toad and provide helpful advice on how to 'toad-proof' your yard by special fencing and trapping techniques.

Below you will find detailed information about keeping cats and dogs in Darwin, feral animals and links to organisations who assist with injured native wildlife. 

Animal Pick-ups

Normal business hours for our Rangers are

Monday to Friday


Saturday and Sunday

9.00am – 2.00pm

During these hours all animal related issues will be attended at the Rangers availability.

After Hours and Weekends

Our Rangers are available outside Council’s normal business hours to attend dog attack emergencies only. After-hours are:

Monday to Friday

From 7.00pm

Saturday and Sunday

From 2.00pm

Request or jobs involving:

  • dogs/cats at large
  • deceased animals
  • animals in distress
  • barking complaints
  • cat pick-ups where cats have been trapped
  • non-dog related issues

will not be attended by the council rangers outside of normal business hours. 

Lost Pets

If you have lost or found a pet please contact Top End Lost and Found (TELAF)

The Top End Lost and Found website is a free community website for all residents in the Northern Territory helping people reunite with lost animals.

 If you are looking for a new pet, local organisations such as the RSPCA and PawsDarwin rehome cats, dogs and other animals.