Injured Wildlife

WildcareNT is now responsible for native wildlife rescue services in Darwin.
Volunteers within the community provide a rescue service for injured, ill or orphaned native wildlife.

For current information and advice visit Parks and Wildlife and Wildcare Inc

Drop off points during business hours:

  • All Pets Vet Hospital
  • Parap Veterinary Hospital
  • University Avenue Veterinary Hospital
  • Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic
  • Paul Arnold Bush Photos
  • Litchfield Vets
  • Darwin Mobile Vets
  • or ring Wildcare NT 8988 6121 if you are unable to drop it off.

The native animals you are most likely to come across are wallabies, small mammals and birds. Tiny wallabies are often found alive in their dead mothers' pouch after the adult animals have been hit by vehicles. These babies need extra special handling and should be handed over to experienced carers as quickly as possible.


Most of the young birds found on the ground are fledglings - or baby birds learning to fly. The Parks and Wildlife Service advises that If you find a fledgling, and the bird has no obvious injuries, you should try to place it at head height on a tree or shrub branch within 20m of where it was found. It has reached the stage where it doesn't need a nest anymore - and, contrary to popular belief, it will be accepted back by its mother, even if it has been touched by humans.

If you have found a nestling, look for its nest and try to place it back if possible. If the whole nest has fallen from the tree, try to replace the nest into a nearby tree or shrub, at head height. If the nest has fallen apart, try making a new one using a plastic container (with holes in the bottom to let rainwater drain out) and small sticks as bedding.

If all else fails and you can't return the bird to its parents, or if the bird is obviously sick or injured, you will need to arrange for a volunteer carer to look after the bird.

Again, if you find any injured and orphaned native animal that you cannot help, ring Wildlife Rescue on phone 8988 6121 and give it the best chance to survive.