Disasters and Emergency

Emergency Services Contacts

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster situation:

  • If you require urgent police, fire, ambulance or emergency services assistance please call 000.
  • If you require assistance with damage to your property, or wish to report damage to Northern Territory Government property such as main roads, traffic signals, public buildings, businesses or privately owned properties call the Northern Territory Government Emergency Hotline on 1800 888 901
  • Any enquiries relating to damaged power, water, or sewerage infrastructure please call the Power Water Emergency Hotline on 1800 245 090
  • Any enquiries relating to Council responsibilities such as Council roads ,stormwater drains, Council buildings, public pools, play grounds, domestic waste, or stray animals, then please call our Emergency Operations Centre Hotline on 8980 3603
  • A good source of information is the Bureau of Meteorology website www.bom.gov.au

If your enquiry relates to a routine council matter then please call back when the disaster or emergency situation event is over and we have resumed normal services.

Please be aware that the Council Emergency Operations Call Centre will not be operational until it is safe for staff to gain access after the emergency has passed. Again, Council’s Emergency Operations Centre Hotline number is 8980 3603.