Parking Permits

Australian Disability Parking Permit 

The Australian Disabilty Parking Permit comes as a result of a project undertaken by the Australian Government and all States and Territories to harmonise disability parking programs throughout Australia.  For the first time disability parking permits will look the same wherever you travel within Australia.

Permits are available for people with mobility limitations and who need special parking consideration. The permit must be displayed inside the windscreen in the vicinity of the vehicle registration label whenever the permit holder is using the vehicle. Permits are valid when travelling interstate (check with local authorities as to concession entitlements) and are transferable from vehicle to vehicle whenever the disabled person requires special parking consideration.

There is an initial charge of $10 for disabled permits and then renewals are free of charge. Disabled permits are valid for a three year period.

Disabled parking permits within the Darwin Municipality allow free on-street parking (where parking meters are installed) in any time restricted area for twice the period indicated e.g. 3 hours extended to 6 hours.  Once the free parking time has expired, normal parking restrictions apply i.e. paying for parking and time restrictions.

Off-Street Car Parks

Vehicles displaying disability parking permits may park in a disabled bay in all off-street carparks all day free of charge except for West Lane Carpark and Chinatown Carpark.  Persons displaying a valid permit who park in a disabled bay in either West Lane Carpark or Chinatown Carpark may park for twice the time paid for.

Conditions Of Use

Download the application form on the Council forms page,  or phone 8930 0601 or 8930 0607.

For further enquiries, phone 8930 0601 or 8930 0603, or email: