Outdoor Exercise Stations

City of Darwin has a number of outdoor exercise stations located in Anula, East Point, Karama and Nightcliff to encourage cardiovascular activity, flexibility and muscle strength. All exercise stations are close to water points, lighting and path access and are surrounded by a rubber soft fall base to provide a safe, effective space to exercise. There are information panels with instructions mounted on the stations and they are free to use.


City of Darwin installed a new fitness station in September 2013 in Yanula Park. The equipment includes a 10-degree sit-up bench, a body pull and push bar, an elliptical trainer and a pull-down station. The fitness station is located on one of the park’s shared paths, with shade and lighting and in close proximity to amenities, Anula Oval and the popular regional playground.


In 2009 seven multi-activity stations were installed in partnership with the Northern Territory Government Department of Planning and Infrastructure along a 2.5km stretch of the Nightcliff Foreshore share path.

The Nightcliff Exercise Stations were specifically selected to give users an all-over workout regardless of which end of the trail you commence. Stations One and Seven are for warm-up/cool-down and stretching, Two and Six focus on abdominals and core strength, Three and Five work the lower and upper body while Station Four (next to Nightcliff Swimming Pool) has equipment that targets all major muscle groups.

East Point

Two multi-activity stations were installed in association with the Darwin Rotary Club in 2009. They are located in East Point Reserve adjacent to the share path near the top of Lake Alexander.


In 2014, as part of the federally-funded Healthy Communities Initiative, a multi-activity station was installed in Koolinda Park, Karama (between Mulla Mulla and Koolinda Crescents).

The station includes an elliptical trainer, chest press, sit-up bench and step up platforms, and makes use of natural shade and is close proximity to lighting and path access.