City of Darwin maintains a standard driveway to all properties within the Municipality as per the Council’s driveway policy. The width and specifications of driveways is determined by whether the property is residential or commercial, as stated in the policy and illustrated in the standard drawings.

Home owners can have their existing bitumen driveway replaced with a concrete driveway if they contribute towards the cost of materials and labour on a pro rata basis.  Driveways that are assessed to be less than 50% serviceable will be replaced at Council’s cost, if they are considered to be more than 50% serviceable then repairs will be done or the owner can contribute to the replacement.

Under the City of Darwin By-Laws, the Council can insist that an unused driveway or a driveway in use which has not been constructed according to standard, be reinstated or repaired as necessary. Council can recover any costs from the property owner. 

You will need to get Council approval to carry out any works to driveways. Click here to go to the permits information section.

To arrange for your driveways to be inspected, or for any other information on driveways, you can contact the Council on phone 8930 0597 or email