Nature Strips

City of Darwin's tree planting program aims to beautify streets by planting trees on nature strips to provide shade and habitats for wildlife. We choose trees that are appropriate for Darwin's tropical environment and encourage the community to do the same when planting in their own environment.

If you would like some assistance in how to beautify your area, Council can help in a number of ways.

Street Trees 

We promote sustainable, tropical living and supporting natural ecosystems in our urban environment is part of what we do. If you would like to see more green on your street you may be eligible to have a street tree planted. 

Street trees are usually planted between December and April each year. This is the best time to plant with optimal weather conditions giving trees the opportunity to establish. You can request a street tree to be planted on your street by dowloading the form.

Choosing the right tree and its location on your nature strip is really important as it will be there for a long time. Some trees, such as palms, are not always suitable for nature strips. Specialist staff will assess each application and choose the right tree for your environment. 

The location of the naturestrip tree must be approved by City of Darwin prior to planting.

Nature Strip Assistance Program

Our nature strip assistance program helps property owners beautify and enhance their nature strips by providing the materials you need to get started.

Program Closed for 2016

The nature strip assistance program runs from mid-April to September/October annually with accessibility dependent on weather conditions. Due to wet weather in September and October in 2016, the program is closed.

What you get from the program

Council delivers top soil, grass seed and fertilizer to the property for residents to organise and perform the work. This program is available to residences on a one-off basis only and cannot be supplied to residences who have already accessed this program.

Top soil supplied is to be used on the nature strip only and is not available for use in private property or yards. 

The Nature Strip Assistance Program is closed for 2016. Please visit this page again in April 2017 for updates.

Planting on Your Naturestrip

If you wish to landscape your naturstrip with plants other than grassing, a permit application must be submitted via the Naturestrip Development Agreement.

If required, our qualified staff are able to provide you with advice on plants and trees appropriate for your environment. 

Pruning Trees on Nature Strips

Pruning a tree correctly is a specialist skill. City of Darwin has staff and contractors available to assist with this.

If a tree on your nature strip requires pruning contact us at or 08 8930 0300. Alternatively you can view our latest Street Tree Pruning Schedule to see when we will be in your area.

Find Out More

For detailed information on obligations and responsibilities of maintaining and developing nature strips, please see Council's Verge Policy.

You can contact City of Darwin at or 08 8930 0300