City of Darwin’s Sea Wall to Prevent Coastal Erosion

Media Release: Monday 18 January 2016

City of Darwin has today started construction works on a sea wall along the Sunset Park foreshore in Nightcliff, as the first major project from their Coastal Erosion Management Plan.

The new 155m long sea wall will be built along the perimeter of Sunset Park. This solid concrete wall aims to manage ongoing erosion and limit damage from storm waves overtopping.

Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim says Council is concerned with the rate of erosion in local coastal areas and undertook a detailed assessment of coastal erosion issues.

“Council carried out an in-depth study of coastal erosion in Nightcliff and East Point. From this we identified the need to implement prevention and restoration measures along our beautiful foreshores,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Our Coastal Erosion Management Plan classifies Sunset Park as a high priority and this sea wall aims to slow down and prevent erosion by providing a defence against the action of tides and waves,” she added.

The area between the new sea wall and shared path will be landscaped, and a fence will be installed along the coastal perimeter of Sunset Park. The wall will not be visible from the park itself.

Material containing asbestos has been previously found in the area, and this will be safely managed throughout the works.

There will be some noise due to excavation and the possible use of a rock breaker. Works are expected to be completed by April 2016 (weather permitting).