Nightcliff Cafe/Restaurant

July 2015Construction of the Nightcliff Cafe has started. Download the fact sheet

This page will be continually updated to provide information on the construction phase of the new Nightcliff cafe as well as City of Darwin's ongoing work to bring the Nightcliff Foreshore Master Plan to life. 

  • The fence around the work site has been installed
  • There will be two-way vehicle entry and exit to both the eastern and western car parks 
  • Vehicle access on the road  in front of the pool (between the two car parks) will be restricted during the construction phase
  • Shared pedestrian and bike access between the two car parks will continue throughout  
  • A new shared path will be created following the coast line behind the pool and new cafe
  • Mobile food vans will continue to operate in the area during and after the construction of the new cafe
  • Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2015

Development Permit

The City of Darwin is seeking a development permit as part of a lease requirement for the Nightcliff Café. The form of subdivision required will allow separate occupation of the land but will not allow a separate title or the sale of the land. The subdivision is an administrative requirement to enable the long term lease of the site. Council has no intention of selling this parcel of land.

 Other news 

  • Temporary line markings for the parking bays in the western car park will in place during the construction phase. This will ensure parking in the car park is efficient during the build, which will see a sizeable amount of the car park area fenced off 
  • Works to install power to the site of the cafe began in early June 2015

Stay updated

Thank you to all those who have previously registered to receive updates about the project. If you would like to be added to the list to receive progress updates, please email with Nightcliff Cafe in the subject line. 


Development Consent Authority 

The Development Consent Authority has approved the application for the development of the Nightcliff Cafe. View the minutes of the DCA meeting on 8 May 2015

Need more information?

The Nightcliff Cafe Archive provides background information including previous reports and Council decisions. The final Council decision to proceed with the Nightcliff Cafe was made at the meeting on 9 December 2014. The Nightcliff Foreshore Master Plan was also endorsed at the meeting. Link to Agenda for 9  December Council Meeting