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Find out what animal control services are running and how to get in touch to report a pet missing.

Animal Management

Can my pet get COVID-19?

Your pet is safe from COVID- 19. However, we strongly recommend that you have your pet microchipped with your current details and have clear contact information displayed on your pets collar.

Can I still report animals at large?

Rangers will attend reports of dogs at large, call 8947 2099 or 0434 691 230.Rangers will attend reports of cats at large, only if they are contained. Rangers will do their upmost to identify cats in the field via microchip, tag or registration and return them straight to their owners.

I’ve lost my dog/cat, how can I get it back?

Rangers will do their upmost to identify dogs in the field via microchip, tag or registration and return them straight to their owners. 

  • DOGS OR CATS that cannot be identified will be transported to the Pound and advertised on the City of Darwin website. Owners have 4 days in which to collect their animal. 
  • Owners can arrange collection by contacting the pound via phone on 8947 2099 or 0434 691 230.

Council will only be logging reports of uncontained cats at large at this time, if the cat owner can be identified they will be provided notice that their cat is at large.

Can I get a cat trap?

Council will not be hiring out cat traps at this time.

Can I still report dog attacks?

Rangers will be responding to dog attacks. Rangers will attend the location provided to ensure the immediate safety of all people and animals involved.  Should customers wish investigation to occur, they can provide details of the incident in writing to and a Ranger will be in touch once normal operation resumes.

Customers can lodge nuisance cat and dog complaints and Rangers will issue a notice to the animal owner. Customers are encouraged to contact the Petcare Helpine on 0429 569 187 to discuss ways nuisance behaviours can be alleviated. Customers who wish to have the matter investigated may provide details of the nuisance behaviour in writing to and a Ranger will be in touch once normal operation resumes.

For I have to surrender my pet, can I still do this?

Council will be accepting dog and cat surrenders. This can be arranged via the Petcare Helpline on 0429 569 187. The pound is closed to the public, the Animal Education Officer will arrange for the animal and paperwork to be collected by a Ranger.
The Petcare Helpline is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm for pet owner enquiries.

I’m working from home how can I keep my pet occupied? 

If you’re working from home, there is plenty of options for keeping pets busy and out of your personal space.  DIY scavenger hunts are a great game for both cats and dogs: hiding treats around the room, house or fenced yard provides your pet with both a game and a reward. Frozen treats such as yogurt or peanut butter make a great alternative to store brought dog treats; and for cats, growing a catnip plant or cardboard box with kibble is a great game. 

We also recommend taking time to train your animal, mental stimulation is more exhausting than physical exercise! Contact your local dog trainer as they may still be running online classes or seminars or look up YouTube videos on dog obedience.

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