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Community Resources information - COVID-19

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City of Darwin is still here, supporting our City. We understand the impacts of COVID-19 on our Darwin community, with social distancing and self-isolation asking all of us to change how we do things, to learn new skills, and support each other, like Territorians do best!

Council has brought together resources, ideas and information to support you to adapt, learn something new, and become a collaborative, inclusive and connected community – both during and after COVID-19.

For the latest, most trusted sources of information visit:

Australian Government Department of Health website
Northern Territory Government response and information on the NTG Coronavirus website
NT Department of Education website 

City of Darwin - Children

Fun activities to keep children entertained at home.

City of Darwin - Young People

Some interesting activities for young people (12 years and older)

City of Darwin - Grown-ups

Keep involved with the community through volunteering, learn new skills or some entertainment ideas to do at home. 

City of Darwin - Seniors

Information about support for seniors such as medical services, shopping assistance and ideas to interact online.

City of Darwin - People living with a Disability

Information, advice, and services for people living with a disability

City of Darwin - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People

No culture is immune to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the Darwin community is more multicultural than most.

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