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Digital Literacy

Learn how to use a computer or smart device.

Do you want to improve your digital skills? We can help you to get started with basic digital literacy.

We can provide assistance as needed for small questions. Or you can make an appointment for a more comprehensive session if you need it.

We can help with:

  • learning how to use a computer
  • creating and using an email account
  • internet basics including banking and shopping
  • understanding and using social media
  • using the libraries online collections like ebooks and digital magazines
  • getting started with smart devices.

Please ask us for help.

Online Help Sessions

Getting started - get started with your computer

Email basics - create an email account and start emailing

Setting up wifi - set up your wifi at home

Windows basics - learn the basics of using your computer with microsoft applications

OS X basics - learn the basics of using your apple computer

android basics - get started with your android device

iPad basics - get started with your iPad

iPhone basics - getting started with your iPhone

Facebook basics - getting started with Facebook

Search better - google search tips

Internet safety - understand online risks and how to avoid them

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