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Arts & Culture Opportunities

We are fuelling up and are on a mission to energise the creativity of our artists, creatives and anyone who loves art.

Opportunity For Darwin Creatives To Light Up The City With Art

Submission Deadline for the February – May 2019 Exhibition Period is COB 19 November 2018.

Submission Deadline for the June– September 2019 Exhibition Period is COB 19 November 2018.

Information for Creatives

City of Darwin invites proposals from artists, curators, designers, makers, creative producers, arts collectives, groups or organisations - established or emerging - to light up the city as part of the City Life Platform program. We are calling for curatorial proposals for a 4 month exhibition across multiple sites. There are two time slots open for application.

Applications from curators should provide an overarching curatorial concept to be used in the expression of interest (EOI) or other selection process for exhibiting artists for one exhibition period.

The City Life Platform (Lightboxes) program is an expression of interest program that works with creative collaborators as curators to deliver exhibitions every 4 months. 

So if you’re a local artist, part of a group of artists or a curator, creative producer or perhaps an arts and/or cultural organization wanting to showcase local creatives we encourage you to submit a City Life Platform exhibition proposal. Check out the application form for more information, or to apply to the City Life Platform program.

Apply now


The City Life Platform program is a series of rotating art exhibitions hosted in illuminated lightboxes across three sites in Darwin.  The City Life Platform provides the opportunity for artists to display work at each platform for 4 months, with displays being changed every four months. The City Life Platform program promotes high quality illuminated art in the public realm, showcasing Darwin’s creative community and contributing to renewal and revitalisation.

 This artistic program is being trialed over two years with the intention of transforming selected outdoor public spaces into public galleries that showcase local artists and their talent and encourage dialogue in the community. The City Life Platform program aims to provide opportunities for curators and artists to showcase their concepts, creativity and artistic intentions in the public realm.

The City Life Platform provides the opportunity for artists to display work at each platform for 4 months, with displays being changed every four months. Artworks are displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across 8 illuminated light boxes that host 10 artworks across the city located in:

  • The Mall - 2 double-sided lightboxes
  • Chinatown Carpark - 3 single-sided lightboxes
  • Nightcliff Pool - 3 single-sided lightboxes

Lightbox and Artwork Information

There are 10 portrait lay-out display areas that are 1300mm X 1850mm. These lightboxes are internally illuminated with LED side lit modules. The displays are digitally printed double pass PVC flexface banners tensioned on an aluminium frame.

Artist information directing the community to find out more about the artist will be displayed on an aluminium panel below the illuminated display.

It will be the curator and artist’s responsibility to manage the process of providing the artwork to specification and information about the artwork so that signage is accurate.

Artwork needs to be delivered to the City of Darwin with the following specifications: 1300mm X 1850mm - 300dpi - portrait orientation.


This commission is targeted at local creatives, groups, collectives and/or arts organizations that work with and support local creatives.  This program is designed to support and provide a platform for emerging creative professionals seeking to develop their profile and skills as curators and artists.  The successful curator/curatorial group/organisation will be a contractor to City of Darwin and will need to have their own ABN and Public Liability Insurance.

The Commission

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The exhibition rationale and how it meets the curatorial considerations
  • The skills, knowledge and capacity of the participating creatives
  • The contribution to Darwin’s arts sector development
  • Meaningful and informed curatorial vision
  • Diversity of art forms and creative communities across Darwin
  • Number of creatives to be involved in the program (desirable but not essential)


  • Design and coordinate artwork application and selection process.
  • Pay artists and creative contributors appropriate fees and distribute funds as agreed with City of Darwin.
  • Work with City of Darwin to create approved promotional materials for event.
  • Plan, promote and deliver an opening event including the recruitment of creatives.
  • Supply City of Darwin with signage information, images to specification, and a site plan identifying intended locations for artworks for fabrication and installation purposes.
  • Supply City of Darwin with ABN, evidence of Public Liability Insurance, Collaborator Agreement and Finance Documents.
  • Supply City of Darwin with short qualitative and quantitative evaluation of project and expenditure (form will be supplied).

Support Provided

  • Provide examples of forms and processes for artwork selection, artist agreements, media and promotion.
  • Work with Curator to create approved promotional materials for event (including co-branding where appropriate).
  • Assist, as agreed, with promotion, invitations and media for the opening event.
  • Assistance locating a free venue for opening event.
  • Coordination of fabrication and installation of artwork and signage.
  • General advice and support related to curation, events and project management as necessary.

Curatorial Considerations

The Darwin community is one of immense cultural richness, which respects and supports people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Council encourages applicants to consider and reference at least one of the following when making a proposal to this program.

  • The history and/or cultural heritage of the site.
  • The local stories and everyday life of the people who frequent the site.
  • The cultural and linguistic diversity of Darwin.
  • The surrounding built environment

Expected Costs

City of Darwin covers the fabrication and installation of lightbox artworks and their signage (these are not included in the table below).

The budget below will be provided to the selected Curators once agreement has been signed and documentation

Curator Expenses:    
Administration/Curatorial Fee $750  
Artist Fees $3,750 10 artworks @ $375 each
Catering - Food and Drink $500 Includes paper cups, serviettes etc.
Welcome to Country $450  
Photographer - Event $275 NAVA rate for 1 hour (does not include GST)
Photographer - Installed Works @ Night $275 NAVA rate for 1 hour (does not include GST)
Marketing and Social Media (Video) $725 NAVA rate for 1/2 day
Launch Performance $177 Musicians Union Rates for 1 hour
TOTAL $6,902  


Activity February - May Period Date June - September Period Date Role
Exhibition Proposals Due 19 November 2018 19 November 2018 City of Darwin
Selection Panel Convened 23 November 2018 23 November 2018 City of Darwin
Applicants Notified 23 November 2018 23 November 2018 City of Darwin
Project Funding Provided 30 November 2018   City of Darwin
Artists application and selection process December 2018 March – April 2019 Curator
Final Signage to Designer 3 January 2019 9 May 2019 Curator
Print Ready Images to Fabricator 3 January 2019 9 May 2019 Curator
Media and Marketing Collateral Produced 11 January 17 June 2019 Curator led (City of Darwin approval)
Installation of Works 31 January 2019 6 June 2019 City of Darwin
Opening Event 1 February 2019 7 June 2019 Curator
Documentation and Report 8 February 2019 14 June 2019 Curator

More Information

For more information on current opportunities contact the Arts and Cultural Development Coordinator

08 8930 0674

0438 677 506

Page header image: West Lane Mural byDavid Collins, Daniel Roque Lee (Gullawan), Walter Barrett and Donovan Fantasia 2007

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02 Nov 2018

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