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The arts play a key role in providing opportunities for participation, education, creative thinking and personal well-being and Council aims to facilitate and enable these opportunities through a multi-faceted approach.

Arts and Culture

Darwin’s vibrant arts, cultural heritage and creative industries are born out of its unique history, including being home to some of the oldest continuing living cultures on earth. The Larrakia people, the Traditional Owners of the Darwin region, have a deep connection with their country. Currently, the Larrakia people number around 2,000 and are recognised for their strengths in performance, music and art. Darwin is a growing community that embraces its diverse cultural heritage and today our city contains over 60 nationalities. 

We recognise the value and importance of investing in arts and culture for their significant contribution to a resilient and prosperous community. Arts and culture can be transformative for both creators and audiences and plays a key role in fostering greater understanding of others and harmony within the community as well as contributing to broader health, educational and economic outcomes.

We work with the creative sector and the community to foster an environment in which creativity can flourish and grow because we believe that a harmonious and health community is actively engaged in arts and cultural activities.

Our Arts Plan 2015-2020

Our arts and cultural activities are underpinned by the City of Darwin Arts Plan 2015-2020.

The key themes and goals have been developed as a result of conversations with the community and also support Council’s key strategic priorities.

The four themes that have been identified as priorities for 2015-2020 are:

  • Public Art
  • Creative Spaces
  • Access and Participation
  • Arts Development, Opportunity and Connectivity

For a copy of the Arts Plan click here

All enquiries, please contact the Arts and Cultural Development Coordinator at City of Darwin

Page header image: West Lane Mural by David Collins, Daniel Roque Lee (Gullawan), Walter Barrett and Donovan Fantasia 2007

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