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Supply Reduction

Council acknowledges reducing alcohol supply is a key strategy to addressing public intoxication in Darwin and is committed to advocating for change.

Evidence shows a strong relationship between liquor outlet density and alcohol related harms. The Northern Territory has the highest density and diversity of liquor outlets in Australia[i]. There are 511 active licensed premises across the Northern Territory, 340 of those licences are in the Darwin Municipality[ii]. Approximately 70 per cent of licensed venues are licensed to sell takeaway[iii].

While Council is not directly responsible for liquor licensing we can make submissions to the Director-General of Licensing NT in the interest of community amenity and safety.

We are also actively involved in the development and support for Liquor Accords for the Darwin area. Liquor Accords are voluntary, alcohol industry based partnerships in local communities that work to develop practical solutions to alcohol related problems.

As opportunities arise we will continue to advocate for supply reduction to reduce levels of public intoxication across Darwin.

[i] AMSANT (2008), Options For Alcohol Control In The Northern Territory
[ii] [accessed 4 November 2016]
[iii] FARE (2016), Northern Territory 2016 Election Platform: Calling time on too much grog in the NT

Last modified 
21 Mar 2018

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