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The Darwin Safer City Program works to address the impacts of public intoxication on community life and to enhance the sense of community safety and well-being.

The Darwin Safer City Program Mission:

“Darwin is a vibrant, inclusive, thriving community where visitors and residents feel safe, welcome and engaged in community life and where our services work in partnership to realise great quality of life for all” Safer Vibrant Darwin Plan 2016-2019

The program works in partnership with a range of Government Departments and non-Government agencies to achieve a safer vibrant Darwin. There are a number of components to the program, including:

Safer Vibrant Darwin Plan 2016 – 2019

The Safer Vibrant Darwin Plan 2016-2019 was launched July 2016 by the Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim. This plan sets out seven priority focus area’s that form the roadmap for the Darwin Safer City Program.


Assertive Outreach

The Assertive Outreach Team engages with vulnerable people in public spaces who may be sleeping rough (homeless), have alcohol issues or are without safe shelter across the municipality.

Faces In Spaces

Faces In Spaces is a key strategy of the Safer Vibrant Darwin Plan. The project aims to activate public spaces using arts and cultural activities and place making strategies.

For more information about Faces In Space activities and events visit their website or Facebook page

Public Places Service Collaboration Group

The Public Places Service Collaboration Group is a mechanism for more effective cross agency information sharing and response coordination. The Group is targeted at service providers tasked with addressing public place issues relating to alcohol related harm either directly or indirectly.

Supply reduction

Evidence shows a strong relationship between liquor outlet density and alcohol related harms. The Northern Territory has the highest density and diversity of liquor outlets in Australia.

Council acknowledges reducing supply as a key strategy to addressing public intoxication and is committed to advocating for change.

Useful Phone Numbers

For any concerns or feeling unsafe, we've put together some useful phone numbers to keep handy

Download the go-to numbers

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