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Climate Change and Environment Research Grants

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City of Darwin has a strong focus on looking after Darwin’s natural environment. Working with all levels of government and the community, Council is committed to achieving long-term ecologically and culturally sustainable development within the Darwin municipality.

Applications for these grants should address one or more of the following areas: 

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation 
  • Conservation and improvement of natural systems including biodiversity enrichment 
  • Information gathering, technology or trial processes to improve any of the 2 areas above

Proposals should demonstrate how their research will benefit the Darwin community and highlight:

  • Practical and implementable outcomes for City of Darwin 
  • Innovative ideas and technology for research, trial and development 
  • Alignment with and understanding of City of Darwin’s Climate Emergency Response Plan and Greening Strategy 
  • Positive quantifiable outcomes for City of Darwin and the local environment
  • The rigorous methodology being used

Other info:
Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss applications prior to submission with the responsible officer and to be aware that contracts will stipulate ownership of data to be held by or shared with City of Darwin. 
Phone: 08 8930 0300 
All applications must be submitted via Smarty Grants


As of 1 January 2019 City of Darwin will ban single use plastics from all events held on Council land including markets.

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