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Friendship Cities

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City of Darwin has established friendship city relations with five cities based on historical, cultural, and economic ties as well as strategic partnerships to build connections and understanding between communities for the benefit of the Darwin Community.


City of Darwin - Qingdao | China

City of Darwin Lord Mayoral delegation participated in the N.T's Reaching South Program in 2019. The  Memorandum of Understanding with Qingdao Municipal Government was established on 17 October 2019 in Qingdao.

City of Darwin - Honolulu | United States of America

The relationship was initially considered because of the historical connection between Darwin and Honolulu, due to events that occurred during World War 2; The bombing at Pearl Harbour (1941),and the Bombing of Darwin (1942).

City of Darwin - Santa Cruz-Galapagos | Ecuador

Darwin and Santa Cruz share many similarities. For example, both have to balance fragile ecosystems against tourism interests and wildlife management due to introduced species.

City of Darwin - Guangzhou | China

City of Darwin received interest from Guangzhou Municipal Government to enter into a friendship city in 2019.

City of Darwin - Shenzhen | China

Strategic Partnership 

Signing on May 2019, the relationship with Shenzhen was initially considered because of the direct flight between the two cities since 2018.

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