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Overview - Access and Inclusion

Our goal is to strive for efficient and non-discriminatory work practices and equity in the provision of services and facilities such as inclusive recreational equipment and disabled car parking permits. We facilitate an Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee which informs and advises us on its responsibilities for people with a disability and also hosts the various events in collaboration with several other community organisations.

Community Access Plan 2012 - 2017

Our Community Access Plan 2012 - 2017 describes actions to be undertaken to facilitate access and inclusion for all members of our community. The Plan will be instrumental in facilitating equitable and dignified access to our services, communications and employment systems, and will enhance access in the broader community.

Download the large print version here

Access and Inclusion Strategy development 

We will be calling on the community of Darwin to consult with us in the development of this strategy. Tell us what you want in an Accessible and Inclusive community. More information on this to follow soon. 

Renewing the model of Disability Awareness Festival 

In 2018 the previously known Disability Awareness Festival will run all year round with an aim to create inclusive community events within already existing mainstream celebrations. The complete scoping of this project is still in development and we will be updating this page regularly as it progresses. 


In partnership with RECHARGE Scheme Australia Limited, we are proud to be involved with the RECHARGE Scheme services.

For more go to Recharge Scheme

Accessible Equipment

We provide a variety of equipment that assist community events and activities at some of our popular recreation locations to be more accessible.

For more go to Accessible Equipment

Community Services Publications

Our community services directory is your one-stop shop for support services in Darwin. You can search and browse for services relating to

  • aged and disability services
  • youth services
  • support services.

View the Community Service Directory

Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Our Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee was established to ensure equity to access to people with disability with regards to our procedures, services and facilities.

For more go to Advisory Committee

Disability Parking Permits

The Australian Disability Parking Permit comes as a result of a project undertaken by the Australian Government and all States and Territories to harmonise disability parking programs throughout Australia. For the first time disability parking permits will look the same wherever you travel within Australia.

For more go to Parking

National Disability Insurance Agency

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are the agency delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The NDIS is rolling out across the Northern Territory. From the 1 July 2018, the scheme will be available to Darwin residents who meet the accessibility requirements.

To find out more about the NDIS and assess your eligibility follow the link below, or call:

1800 800 110

Visit the website for services in your area

Accessible Symbol

Accessible parking permit symbol

This symbol is one of the most internationally recognised symbols. But do you know what it really means? Did you know that it represents a set of values about accessibility and that it should be used to indicate a space is accessible to people with many different disabilities and health conditions, not just those who use a wheel chair? 

We encourage you to watch this 4 minute TED Ed talk by Adrian Treharne to learn more about what the symbol represents and who it is designed to assist.

TED Ed Talk

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06 Nov 2018

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