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Darwin Safe & Active Routes to School

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In Australia, the number of students actively travelling to schools is rapidly declining. Supporting active travel in children from a young age through their journey to school, can build lifelong healthy habits and support safer, more connected communities.

We support active and safe travel within our municipality, and have developed the Safe and Active Routes to School Toolkit which aims to:

  • Improve safety levels for children travelling to and from school, and
  • Encourage active travel in the school community

The toolkit is a resource that will guide you to create a program, activity or event for your school. Schools, parents, governments and the community can all get involved to create a safe and healthy environment that encourages safe and active travel to school.

Darwin Safe & Active Routes to School Toolkit


The following resources are available in the toolkit; however, you may prefer to download individual documents for your school.


Active Schools Parents Letter

Active Schools Travel Plan

Cycling School Bus Contacts

Cycling School Bus Roster

Cycling School Bus Rules

Walking School Bus Rules


Classroom Survey

Parent Survey

Student Survey


Fact Vs Fiction Factsheet

More information

For further information contact the Family and Children's Service Coordinator:

08 8930 0561


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