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Our culture and values

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Our Vision is ‘Darwin 2030 - City for People. City of Colour’. By 2030 we will be even bigger and better and will be known as a vibrant, creative, innovative, connected, healthy and environmentally responsible city.  

Our vision is supported by our staff values ‘CARES’:

  • Customer service,
  • Accountability,
  • Respect,
  • Excellence and
  • Solidarity.

These values drive our workplace culture and are displayed in the way we work and in everything we do to service the Darwin community.

Our welcome to new staff

We have a comprehensive induction process to welcome new employees to Council, including a Corporate Induction.  This provides our new employees with a great insight into our City and the organisation.

induction to our new staff members

Climate Change and Environment

Our Climate Change and Environment team works on initiatives to reduce the organisation’s and community’s environmental impact.  Some of these initiatives include Ride to Work day, Swap at the Top, community tree planting and events to celebrate World Environment Day.

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