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Vehicles for sale

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It is an offence under City of Darwin By-Law 101 to display a vehicle for sale in public place

The By-Laws define as follows:

101 Vehicles, &c., for sale in public place

(1) A person who, without a permit, displays or exposes for sale any vehicle, boat or motor boat in, on or over a public place or outside any premises adjoining a public place commits an offence.
(2) An offence under clause (1) is a regulatory offence.

A public place is defined in the Darwin City Council By-Laws

3 Interpretation

public place


(a) every place to which free access is permitted to the public, with the express or tacit consent of the owner or occupier of the place;

(b) every place to which the public are admitted on payment of money, the test of the admittance being the payment of the money only;

(c) every road, street, footway, court, alley, thoroughfare or cul-de-sac which the public are allowed to use, notwithstanding that the road, street, footway, court, alley or thoroughfare may be formed on private property; and

(d) land reserved under a law of the Territory for the use of the public or a member of the public.

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