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Alderman George Lambrinidis

Alderman Simon Nibblock of Lyons Ward

Represents Richardson Ward | Elected 2012

0414 613 213


  • Kalymnos Sister City Sub-committee
  • International Relations Advisory Committee (alternate)
  • Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) (alternate)
  • Haikou Sister City Subcommittee (alternate)

 Alderman Lambrinidis strives to improve the quality of life for families, including improving playgrounds, sport and exercise facilities, and fostering community events.

Alderman Lambrinidis was born in Darwin and went to Wagaman Primary School and Casuarina Senior College. He has a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a Diploma of Secondary Education from Charles Darwin University and a Masters of Tertiary Education Management from Melbourne University. He is coordinator of the CDU’s Tertiary Enabling Program.

Active in the community from a young age he helped start the Wagaman Residents Committee in the 1990s, with the main aim of fighting crime and violence in the community.  He was also instrumental is starting up the Nakara Soccer Club. Before being elected to the City of Darwin, he worked for many years with the Council, Police, Northern Territory Government, community organisations and businesses to try to achieve outcomes for the community.

 “One of the major causes of illness in Australia is a sedentary lifestyle so ensuring that people are out and about exercising and connecting with others is critical for a happy and healthy community; especially as people get older.”

Alderman Lambrinidis, who has been coaching children’s and adult soccer teams for 20 years, wants all council sports ovals lit up – ”so that everyone has the chance to exercise out of the hot daytime hours”. He is also committed to an upgrade to Casuarina swimming pool to make its a more fun, family friendly, and provide further green space for the community.

He also wants upgrades, including more shade trees, to Bradshaw Terrace, Dripstone Road and Trower Road, and a master-planned precinct at Lakeside Drive.

He believes that he brings several qualities to the council, including effective planning and perseverance.

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