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Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

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Council is committed to supporting the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) to address wrongdoing in, or connected with, public administration by:

promoting awareness of improper conduct;
improving public confidence that improper conduct will be detected and dealt with appropriately;
establishing procedures for the detection and reporting of improper conduct; and
protecting whistleblowers who put themselves at risk of harm by exposing or reporting improper conduct.

While the ICAC will investigate alleged improper conduct by Elected Members or Council staff, it is also able to investigate private individuals, businesses and organisations that are in receipt of Council funding including those who are in receipt of Council funding through procurement or grant activities, or those delivering a service on behalf of Council.

If you suspect Improper Conduct, it can be reported in one of two ways:

directly to the ICAC; or
to Council’s CEO or a nominated recipient appointed by the CEO.

Council’s nominated recipients are:

Nominated Recipient Contact Details
Christopher Kelly
Alexandra Vereker
Vanessa Green
Matt Grassmayr

Please feel free to contact them if you wish to discuss suspected improper conduct. All discussions are completely confidential

Further information on the ICAC can be found at their website at or Procedure - Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

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