0030 Governance Policy

Important message

Attention all visitors to Casuarina Library

Please be advised that the library will reopen on Tuesday 3 October as planned. However, we would like to inform you that the building works on the courtyard have experienced some delays. As a result, there may be some noise from the ongoing building works, including jackhammering tiles. Temporary fencing has been erected around the courtyard area. During this time, the courtyard will be inaccessible for approximately 2-3 weeks. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

This Policy deals with a range of governance related issues:

  • Coat of Arms/Logo
  • Confidential Decisions – Periodic Review
  • Strategic Plan
  • Council and Lord Mayoral Receptions
  • Customer Service
  • Decision in relation to additional functions (S 12(2) Local Government Act
  • Flags
  • Freeman of the City
  • Local Government Association of the Northern Territory
  • Licences, Permits, etc – Public Interest
  • Logo
  • Community Values – Invitation to Proclaim City.

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