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City of Darwin’s Strategic Plan sets the high level vision for Darwin 2030 – City for People. City of Colour.  The Plan outlines the Strategic Directions for Council and has been developed in consultation with the community, business and government stakeholders.

Council has endorsed five strategic directions it will implement to achieve to the vision.

Our Strategic Directions 


  • A capital city with best practice and sustainable infrastructure
  • A safe, liveable and healthy city
  • A cool, clean and green city
  • A smart and prosperous city
  • A vibrant and creative city

Council’s Strategic Role 

Council fulfils a number of important roles in being responsive to the needs, interests and aspirations of the community. Council’s role in delivering the strategic actions in the plan can be a provider, a funder, a regulator, a partner, a facilitator, or an advocate.


Directly delivering services


Funding other organisations to deliver services


Regulating some public activities through legislation (for example By-Laws relating to animal management, litter etc.)


Forming partnerships and strategic alliances with other parties in the interests of the community


Assisting others to be involved in activities by bringing groups and interested parties together


Promoting the interests of the community to others (decision makers and influencers)



     Download the City of Darwin’s Strategic Plan 



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