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Tree Re-establishment Advisory Committee

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The role of the Tree Re-Establishment Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations, advice and information to the Council on those specialised matters pertaining to re-establishing resilient tree species.

Final Report

Tree Re-establishment Advisory Committee final report "Establishing a resilient urban forest for Darwin" is released. This report was submitted to Council on 13 November. Council's covering report is now available.

Preferred trees for Darwin and Trees recommended not to be planted lists are available.


Elected Members

Alderman Alderman Peter Pangquee

Community members and representatives

Dr Greg Leach (Chairperson)
Ms Yvette Brady - Greening Australia
Ms Fiona Eddlestone - Australian Institute Landscape Architects
Mr Richard Kenyon - NT Arboriculture Association
Mr Simon Smith - Nursery and Garden Industry NT
Mr Jamie Lewis - City of Darwin (Technical Officer)
Mr Tony Cox - Community Member
Mr Adam Grainger - Community Member

Committee's Responsibilities

  • Consider available literature relating to cyclone resilient trees including, but not limited to;
    • ‘An Assessment of tree damage and resilience in Darwin Parks following Tropical Cyclone Marcus March 17th 2018’ - by Mike Clark
    • ‘An Assessment of tree susceptibility and resilience to cyclones - A study based on Tropical Cyclone Yasi 2nd February 2011 - Dr Greg Calvert
    • City of Darwin Tree Management Plan and A Guide To Visual Tree Risk Assessment - Bill Sullivan
    • City of Darwin current preferred Tree Species Planting List
  • Recommend a list of trees not to be planted by City of Darwin in any future tree establishment programs;
  • Recommend a preferred tree species planting list to City of Darwin for consideration;
  • Advise City of Darwin on best practice methods of tree propagation, planting and protection across the Darwin Municipality;

To find out more about Tree Re-Establishment Advisory Committee download the Terms of Reference.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes

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