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Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee guide our organisation across a range of issues relating to access and inclusion across the municipality.

The Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee meet five times per year with the objectives to:

  • monitor the implementation of our Access and Inclusion Plan under the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • keep us informed of standards and legislation that may impact on our provision of services and facilities.
  • identify actions which we may take to improve access on our property.
  • monitor the progress of requests and complaints associated with access issues, and
  • provide information to the community on disability issues through various publications, promotions and public forums.

Nomination and Membership

Nominations for membership of the Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee are called publicly and representatives are appointed for a two year term. Membership is comprised of up to ten community representatives and four professional representatives to ensure coverage of a broad range of disability types.

Nominations must be received by close of business Wednesday 1 May 2019.

How to Apply

Please apply using the online form.

Apply Now

More information

For further information contact the Community Development Officer on:

08 8930 0645

Last modified 
28 Mar 2019

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