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Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee

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The Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee guide our organisation across a range of issues relating to access and inclusion across the municipality.

The Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee meet five times per year with the objectives to:

  • monitor the implementation of our Access and Inclusion Plan under the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • keep us informed of standards and legislation that may impact on our provision of services and facilities.
  • identify actions which we may take to improve access on our property.
  • monitor the progress of requests and complaints associated with access issues, and
  • provide information to the community on disability issues through various publications, promotions and public forums.

Committee Members

  • Alderman Robin Knox
  • Kyle Adams
  • Martin Blakemore
  • Sara Braines-Mead
  • Susan Burns
  • Cecilia Chiolero
  • Catherine Fairlie
  • Bernie Ingram
  • Brett Peebles
  • Ramya Ramamoorthi
  • Liz Reid
  • Ashley Robinson
  • Sheree Scott
  • Lynne Strathie

For further information contact the Community Development Officer on:

08 8930 0645

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