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Sister City Committee

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Submissions for this form are closed.

The Sister City Committee are advisory. The purpose is to provide support to City of Darwin’s Sister City program by sharing information, knowledge, expertise and cross-cultural links between Darwin and our Sister Cities. 

City of Darwin have six sister cities including Ambon (Indonesia), Anchorage (US), Dili (Timor Leste), Haikou (China) and Kalymnos (Greece), Milikapiti (Australia).

Roles and Functions 

The role of the Sister City Committee is to provide recommendations to City of Darwin about sister city program.
The key functions of the Sister City Committee are to: 

  • Act in an advisory capacity
  • Provide support and contribution to City of Darwin sister city programs 
  • Share knowledge, information, expertise and connection to City of Darwin to achieve its strategic outcomes
  • The Committee may assist the delivery of the sister city project endorsed by City of Darwin when needed.

Membership will be representative from Darwin and will reflect the skills and expertise required to meet the purpose and objectives of the program. The Sister City Committee may comprise up to 10 members.
Members will be appointed for a two-year term being 1 July to 30 June.  

2020-2022 Sister City Committee Members 

  • Alan Jape
  • Vida Ruth Goodvach
  • Lisa Malnar
  • Hue Man Vo
  • Jane Wang
  • Themis Magoulias
  • Emily Tyaemaen Ford
  • Terry Hartin
  • Christine Silvester
  • Tony Miaoudis.


The Committee will meet four times a year within the weeks nominated in the schedule.  Actual days of the week to be decided by the members. 

Become a member of a Sister City Committee

We welcome applications to join our Sister City Committee. The application is closed for now and will reopen after 30 June 2022. The applicants will be required to complete the Application  Form.


Who can be a member?

Membership will be representative from Darwin and will reflect the skills and expertise required to meet the purpose and objectives of the program

  • Experiences in local industries, for example Tourism, Agriculture, Education, etc.
  • Knowledgeable of international business opportunities
  • Support and develop relationships for mutual economic benefit of both locations
  • Has the ability and capacity to contribute skills and knowledge to sister city activities
  • Willing to operate within the guidelines of the program
  • Motivation and enthusiasm to contribute in committee meetings and international relations activities.


What is the key role of the Chair?


  • The Chair is responsible for the management the performance of the Sister City Committee
  • Serve as the Committee representative on the International Relations Advisory Committee and act as a link between the Committee and International Relations Advisory Committee 
  • The committee are expected to provide collective recommendations to City of Darwin; however, a Chair may need to resolve a discussion from time to time if a matter raises disagreement.  At a minimum the Chair will be responsible for managing ("chairing") Committee meetings – directing debates, ensuring that discussions do not stray too far from the prepared agenda and keeping members within the meeting procedures 
  • The Chair is also responsible for taking a leading role in keeping the vision alive, setting the group’s course in agreement with other members and monitoring its direction, and for ensuring that proper meeting, procedures are in place


What is the key role of Ordinary Member?


  • Actively participate in sister cities activities and meetings through attendance, discussion, and review of minutes, papers and other committee documents.
  • Sharing information, knowledge, expertise and connections to support the sister cities program
  • Able to make the contribution to the sister city program to achieve the strategic outcomes 


What is the City of Darwin’s next steps after I submit the Application Form?


  1. Review the Application Forms received
  2. Short listing
  3. Q&A meeting
  4. Notify of successful applicants


More information

For further information contact the International Relations Office on

08 8930 0300

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