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About Council Meetings

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The Council meet twice monthly on a Tuesday. If you're interested in seeing Council at work, members of the public can attend the open section of the Council meeting. 


Ordinary Council Meetings

City of Darwin generally holds two Ordinary Council Meetings each month, except for January and December when there is only one. The general public is welcome to attend these meetings ( maximum capacity of up to 120 people).

Where: Council Chambers, Civic Centre, Darwin City.

When: 5.30pm

The 2nd Ordinary Council meeting is held on the last Tuesday of each month and the 1st Ordinary Council Meeting is usually scheduled two weeks prior to this.

Business Papers


Agendas are available by 3.00pm the Friday before each meeting. They are published in the Agendas & Minutes section​

Two copies are made available for the public at Council meetings for reference.


A copy of the minutes must, within 10 business days after the dates of the meeting to which they relate, be available to the public, on the Council’s Web Site or at the Council’s public office.

Minutes marked as 'unconfirmed' indicates that the Minutes are complete, but will not be confirmed as a correct record until the following meeting adopts them. They will still be available for download.

Public Forums

An open public forum is held monthly before the 2nd Ordinary Council meeting.

Where: Function Area, Civic Centre, Darwin City

When: 5.00 pm.

These sessions provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere for general discussion. They are an ideal opportunity to raise issues of concern or to put across your view on particular issues.

Many good suggestions and feedback to Elected Members have come from this forum.

Note that if you are attending the public forum you will need to sign the visitor log. You will be required to show photo identification as part of the sign in process.

Reviewable Decisions

The Council has resolved (Decision No. 21\2434) not to designate any decisions that are reviewable pursuant to Section 227(1)(b) of the Local Government Act as detailed in Council Policy 026 Complaints Handling and Review of Decisions.

More information

Further information regarding Council’s meetings is outlined in Policy No.043 - Meetings, Meeting Procedures and Committees - General,

Or you can contact the Committee Administrator at City of Darwin

08 8930 0300

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