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City Futures Committee

This committee meets monthly and has the power to make recommendations to Council and decisions of a minor nature relating to City Futures matters within the approved budget.


  • Lord Mayor
  • Alderman Sherry Cullen (Chair)
  • Alderman George Lambrinidis
  • Alderman Simon Niblock

Committee’s Purpose

The Council assigns the following functions to the committees for the purpose of consideration and decisions as follows:

  • City resilience
  • Climate change & environment
  • International relations (formerly Sister Cities)
  • Investment attraction/economic Development/Tourism
  • Planning - strategic, statutory, social:
    • Development applications referred from the Development Assessment Services (NTG)
    • Town planning strategy, policies and procedures
    • Strategic planning matters such as Planning Scheme Amendments, NT Planning Act amendments, discussion papers and proposed guidelines
    • Development and planning matters referred to Council from developers, community groups and individuals
    • Signage applications, policies and procedures
    • Outdoor dining applications, policy and procedures
  • On-street & off-street parking
  • Smart city/digital delivery
Last modified 
12 Oct 2018

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