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Overview - Committees

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Members of Council take part in a number of executive, advisory and external committees and boards. 

Those committees govern day to day operations and provide strategic direction for Council activities. A list of all Council’s Committees and Local Boards is provided below.

For more information about each Committee and Local Board, please check the Elected Members Committee Handbook.

City of Darwin Executive Committees

City of Darwin has three council committees that support Council functions.

The Administrative Review Committee and Risk Management & Audit Committee are required under legislation, and the CEO Performance Appraisal Committee is an internal group.

  • Administrative Review Committee
  • Risk Management & Audit Committee
  • CEO Performance Appraisal Committee

City of Darwin Advisory Committees

We have a number of Advisory Committees which provide valuable guidance to the Council.

  • Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Arts and Cultural Development Advisory Committee (ACDAC)
  • Bombing of Darwin and Military History Advisory Committee
  • International Relations Advisory Committee
  • Youth Advisory Committee
  • Tree Re-Establishment Advisory Committee (Finalised November 2018)

Outside Committees with LGANT appointed representation

  • Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
  • Neighbourhood Watch (NT) Committee
  • Partnership Group - Coastal and Marine Management Strategy
  • NT Settlement Planning and Outcomes Committee
  • NT Water Safety and Advisory Committee

Outside Committees with City of Darwin appointed representation

  • Council of Capital Cities Lord Mayors (CCCLM)
  • Council of the Ageing NT Board
  • Development Consent Authority (DCA) Northern Territory
  • Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT)
  • Northern Australia Capital City Committee
  • Rapid Creek Water Advisory Committee
  • Top End Regional Organisation of Councils (TOPROC)
  • Tourism Top End

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