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Members of public can present petitions to the City of Darwin on community issues that they would like to see addressed. 

Examples of issues followed up by petitions could be a request for a walkway closure or new equipment for a suburban Council playground.

Petitions to Council will be presented and dealt with in accordance with the Darwin City Council By Law 153. Petitions may be in paper or Electronic form and must meet the following criteria:

  • A petition may be presented to a meeting by a member who, before presenting the petition, shall, as far as practicable, become acquainted with the subject matter of the petition.
  • A petition shall not be presented unless it is worded in respectful language.
  • Each page of a petition presented to the council shall restate the whole of the petition.
  • A person shall not append to a petition:

    (a)     a signature purporting to be that of another person; or

    (b)     the name of another person.

  • When using electronic signatures, the website must request the full name and email address to ensure the validity of the electronic signature.

Petitions must be presented by an Alderman at the Ordinary Council.

Once a petition is received at an Ordinary Council Meeting it is formally accepted and referred to the relevant Officer or Committee to bring back a report to Council.

Templates examples:             

Paper (download City of Darwin template


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