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Shared Path & Bicycle Technical Notes

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The Darwin Shared Path and Bicycle Technical Notes have been jointly developed by the City of Darwin and the Northern Territory Government to provide design guidance and standard approach to the construction of shared Path on on-road bicycle lane infrastructure.

The Technical Notes are based on Australia Standards, Austroads Design Guidelines and best practice from other municipalities around Australia.  These Technical Notes are intended for the use of designers and planners for all City of Darwin and Northern Territory Government works and third-party works by developers.

The Technical Notes have been created into 16 separate topics which are accessed by clicking on the individual note below:

  1. Bicycle parking location, design and provision rates
  2. Bicycle wayfinding signage
  3. Connections from shared paths to on-road facilities
  4. Consideration of maintenance vehicles on shared paths
  5. Crossing treatments and alignments for shared paths at road and driveway intersections
  6. Definition of the design bicycle
  7. Horizontal and vertical geometry of paths
  8. Kerb ramp design and positioning
  9. Line marking and surface treatments
  10. Location and requirements for handrails
  11. Managing speed on shared paths
  12. Path widths minimum and desirable
  13. Pedestrian access ways
  14. Priority at path crossings with roads and driveway
  15. Regulatory and advisory signage
  16. Shared path & bicycle lane construction materials
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