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Overview - Our Brand

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Our logo is available to businesses and community partners upon request, but must not be used without prior permission from our Communications and Engagement team.

Use of Logo

Our logo, or any of its elements must not be used without prior permission from the Communications and Engagement team. Organisations may use the City of Darwin logo for purposes as agreed to in the terms of our business arrangement.

Before requesting or using the City of Darwin Logo, please read our Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines outline the general rules for using the City of Darwin logo and brand assets. The guidelines are the conditions of use and must be followed at all times  You must read and understand the relevant sections of these guidelines prior to using our logo. 

Download the Brand Guidelines

Request Permission to use City of Darwin Branding

More Information

For questions about usage or permissions around using our logo, please contact a member of our Communications Team,

08 8930 0300

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