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Christmas Is Really Coming to Life In Darwin

Media Release
28 November 2018

A living Christmas tree has taken root in Robyn Lesley Park, Karama for everyone to enjoy during future festive seasons.

The tree that has been planted is a Hoop Pine (Araucaria Cunninghami) which grow in a variety of soils that have rainfall in excess of 750mm and is suitable for Darwin’s climate.

Alderman Justine Glover said: “A decorated living Christmas tree is a great sight to see and not something people would normally expect in a tropical climate such as ours.

“When the idea for a living Christmas tree was discussed for the Darwin CBD, I thought it would be a great idea to have one of these in Robyn Lesley Park in Karama so that people in the Darwin suburbs can watch the tree grow and enjoy looking at the decorated tree during the Christmas festivity period when they reach a suitable size in the future.

“Planting the tree now will offer social, environmental and economic benefits in future years.”

If the tree grows successfully, it will take around ten years before it reaches the size suitable for decorations and lights.

The living Christmas tree to be placed in The Mall in Darwin’s city centre will be planted in the near future.

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