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Consultation for a Darwin 'Big Thing' or 'Small Thing' Starts

Media Release
06 July 2019

Consultation for an iconic landmark in Darwin will start on Monday and the community has been invited to provide feedback.

Consultation will be done through City of Darwin’s website and can be provided in person at the Darwin Live Arts Hub in the Smith Street Mall.

Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis has asked the Darwin community to be part of the decision making for this project,

“Many cities have an iconic landmark - such as MONA in Hobart, the Lighthouse at Byron Bay and the Sydney Opera House - and they play an enormous role in driving tourism.

“Iconic landmarks don’t have to be enormous or cost millions of dollars, but they do need to reflect the city, its history and its people.

“I invite the community to be part of this consultation, to have their say on a landmark that reflects our unique lifestyle and is something both locals and visitors will love.“

At the last Council meeting, Tuesday 25 June, Alderman Sherry Cullen proposed Council get creative and undertake community and industry consultation to develop an imaginative concept for a place making structure to create the ultimate social media tourist moment.

Alderman Cullen said “I want Darwin to showcase its natural beauty of blue water and picturesque sunsets through a structure that will stand up to national and international comparison.”

Consultation will be open from 8 July to 4 August and the community can participate via

  • A Short Survey and online Ideas Board  - where people can add their ideas including an image and others can vote or comment, which can be found at
  • An Ideas Board located at the Live Arts Hub in the Smith St Mall.

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