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Darwin First – A New Direction for Our City and Suburbs Workforce Changes Support Unprecedented Investment

Media Release
08 July 2019

City of Darwin has today announced major changes to its workforce, in order to deliver on its commitment to spend $53M on community infrastructure this financial year.

CEO Scott Waters said “In June Council endorsed an unprecedented investment in infrastructure across Darwin and in our suburbs.  My focus now is to ensure we deliver on the outcomes outlined in our municipal plan, within the stipulated timeframes.”

“The next twelve months will see significant investment by the City of Darwin in our community and our local economy, with our community the major beneficiaries.

“The priority is to provide our staff with any tools they may require, including training and equipment, so City of Darwin can scope, build and deliver the projects we aim to complete this financial year.  These changes will provide opportunities for our staff and empower them to manage projects end to end.”

City of Darwin’s 2019/20 Municipal Plan and Budget details an ambitious plan to deliver a major capital works program along wiht beautification projects across the municipality by the end of the 2019/20 fiscal year.  

Some highlights include

  • $4.7M for beautification projects, including Daly Street
  • $6.41M for new capital initiatives, including playground and restroom upgrades and
  • $36M for major projects, including pathway reconstruction.

“A critical element to delivering projects on time, on budget and to specifications is having a workforce that is highly skilled and flexible,” said General Manager Engineering and City Services, Ron Grinsell. 

“Over the coming months the emphasis will be on developing our workforce so they have all the skills required to deliver our extensive capital works program and beautification projects,” he added.

City of Darwin has a new strategic focus and emphasis on creating a cool, clean and green, vibrant and creative city that is safe, liveable and healthy and has infrastructure that is best practice and sustainable.

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