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Darwin’s pathway network is approximately 518km long, including shared paths, footpaths within the verge and paths within parks.

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Current Works

Check in here to find out what major pathway works are happening.

If you have any questions please contact City of Darwin Capital Works Coordinator.

08 8930 0300


The footpath network is constructed throughout the municipality to provide appropriate pedestrian linkages to properties and public and private facilities. The Footpath Policy outlines our position to have a minimum of one footpath on every street in Darwin.

We continue to implement an ongoing program to provide a connected path network throughout Darwin. In 2018/19 a total budget allocation of $848K has been provided for reconstruction and construction of footpaths to improve connectivity across the municipality.

Footpath Program 2018/19

Street Suburb Status
Jacaranda Street Nightcliff Complete
Sanford Street Leanyer Scheduled
Baines Street Leanyer Scheduled
Cavenagh Street Darwin City Scheduled
Trower Road Wanguri Planning
Gardens Road The Gardens Planning
Bayview Street Fannie bay Planning
Stoddart Drive Bayview Planning
Gunbar Street Bayview Planning
Margaret Street Stuart park Planning
Tsolos Place The Narrows Planning
Muzzell Street Bayview Planning
Plover Street Wulagi Planning
Leung Court Millner Planning
Kilfoyle Crescent Nakara Planning
Trochus Crescent Woolner Planning
Martina Street Wanguri Planning
Hope Court Leanyer Planning
Edith Court Leanyer Planning
Shoal Court Leanyer Planning
Cullen Street Leanyer Planning

Please see our Streets and Roads - Footpath Maintenance page for information on footpath maintenance and how to report an issue.

Shared Paths

We maintain and construct shared paths throughout the municipality to provide an accessible and connected pedestrian and cycle network which benefits commuter and recreational users.

Each year, there is a program of works to construct new or replace existing shared paths, install complementary facilities such as bicycle racks and wayfinding signage as well as undertake educational, encouragement and evaluation activities to encourage people to use this mode of transport as an alternative to vehicles.

Street Suburb Status
Sabine Road (Stage 2): Tong Luck Street - McMillan Road Millner Complete
Parer Drive (Stage 2): Malay Road - Lee Point Road Wagaman Complete
Nakara School Shared Path Nakara Scheduled for 2018/19



We are committed to maintaining and improving the existing network of walkways across the municipality to ensure accessibility and amenity for the community. Walkways allow connectivity of public spaces and facilitation of an active form of travel.

To find out more information on our walkway maintenance you can visit the Streets and Roads - Walkways page.

Last modified 
17 Oct 2018

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