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Barneson Boulevard

Barneson Boulevard is an NT Government Project.

Current Works

Concrete drainage works will commence 10 September and will take place between the hours of 4am and 8am.

McMinn Street will be closed between Lindsay and Manton Street on Monday 27 August. This closure will be in place until April 2019.

The Barneson Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Drive Stage 3 project is an iconic new entry into the City of Darwin that will provide for the future growth of our capital city with the delivery of a shaded tropical boulevard to its centre.

Barneson Boulevard is a jointly funded project by the Australian and Northern Territory governments and the City of Darwin.

The Barneson Boulevard link will reduce commuting times by bringing traffic to the centre of the CBD, and dispersing traffic more equally throughout the CBD. It will also create a better link for cyclists, add to the CBD’s green footprint with a shaded boulevard, and open up the city's eastern fringe to activation.

Creating and growing a shaded boulevard is essential to this project and will create a cool streetscape with excellent pedestrian and cyclist linkages into the CBD.

There will be approximately 200 shade trees planted along the new Barneson Boulevard.

The heritage value of Frog Hollow will be preserved. Enhancements to public spaces adjacent to the park, as well as pedestrian and cyclist access to the area, will open up the space to be enjoyed by many more Territorians and visitors.

Current Works

Drainage works will soon commence on site to service the Barneson Boulevard and Tiger Brennan Stage 3 project. This drainage installation is an important part of ensuring the site is prepared for the wet season.

The location of the concrete pours will be the section of site closest to the Dinah Beach Road and Tiger Brennan Drive intersection.

This work will take place between the hours of 4am and 8am. The concrete pours are not expected to generate significant noise, and mitigations will be in place to reduce noise where possible. Lighting will be minimised and white noise reversal alarms will be utilised instead of conventional reversal beepers. Work will take place six days per week, with no work on Sundays.

The work is scheduled to start in the week beginning 10 September and will be completed by late October.

McMinn Street will be closed between Lindsay and Manton Street. Through traffic on McMinn Street will be diverted via Lindsay and Manton streets onto Woods Street.

Changes to parking in Lindsay and Manton streets will be in place to allow the diverted traffic to proceed safely. Approximately 10 parking spaces in each of Lindsay and Manton streets will be marked as unavailable. Changed vehicle access to Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts will also apply, with entry now via Woods Street with parking provided at the rear of the buildings.

The work on this section is scheduled to start on Monday 27 August and will be completed by April 2019.

Speed limit has been reduced to 60km per hour from today and will stay reduced for the next couple of months.

Barneson Boulevard Concrete Drain Work - 07/09/2018

McMinn Street partial closure - 14/08/2018

Barneson Street Closure - 22/06/2018

Barneson Boulevard Flyer on Works Commencing June 2018

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More information

This is an NTG project so for more information please visit Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics website or contact them directly via email or phone:

08 8924 7118

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05 Sep 2018

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