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Our goal is to provide and maintain a stormwater system that meets the needs of the whole community. 

The works that are often undertaken include investigating and upgrading existing pipe systems, replacement of damaged and poor condition infrastructure, installation of gross pollutant traps, installation of subsoil drainage, installation of erosion protection devices where required and systemic minor repairs and routine maintenance.

If you would like to report an issue or find out information on our stormwater maintenance please see the Streets and Roads - Stormwater Drains page.

Stormwater Drainage Studies

As part of our stormwater management program we regularly undertake analysis of the existing stormwater drainage systems in our suburbs and public spaces. These studies provide information on the adequacy of the existing underground pipe/pit network and make recommendations for improving the capacity where required.

The outcomes of this work will help City of Darwin priorities upcoming stormwater upgrade work.

Stormwater Projects

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