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Smoothie Bike Bookings

Bring pedal-power to your event to provide a great talking point and increase participation. It’s an instant way to get people active and to promote healthy eating and sustainable energy.

Smoothie Bike in action

What is a Smoothie Bike?

A Smoothie Bike is a stationary bike with a blender attached. Simply pick your smoothie ingredients, attach the blender jug to the bike and spin the blades by pedaling, to create a delicious fruit smoothie.

We have two Smoothie Bikes that may be borrowed free of charge by not-for-profit organisations, charities, community groups and others (at discretion of Council) where utilised for a community event open to the public within the Darwin municipality.

What You Will Get

Each Smoothie Bike comes with its own kit of equipment which includes

  • blender jugs
  • chopping board
  • sharp knife
  • a pair of tongs
  • disposable food handling gloves.
  • A set of allen keys is also included for any minor adjustments.

All this comes with two large plastic tubs which can be used for washing up water and rinsing during your event. All equipment must be fully cleaned before it is returned.

What You Will Need for Supplies

You will need to provide all the ingredients for your smoothies (don’t forget the ice), cups, containers for the cut fruit, spoons/scoops/tongs/knives, washing up supplies and access to water.

Size and Transport Requirements

Each Smoothie Bike is approx. 1.6m long, and 1m high and wide, so a ute or trailer will be needed to transport them. Council does not provide delivery or collection of the Smoothie Bikes.

Berry slushy

How to Book

Please complete the Smoothie Bike Application Form and forward to Council via

A member of the Recreation Services team will be in touch to confirm your booking.

More Information

Contact the Recreation Services team.

08 8930 0300

Last modified 
26 Jul 2018

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